Вводите код маленькими буквами


In Russia there is a huge shadow market with turnover in billions of rubles. It covers thousands of cities and hundreds of thousands of people, but newspapers don't write about it. The demand for its products is higher than for oil and gas. Today, this market has been captured by the world's nicest darknet platform omgomgomg5j4yrr4mjdv3h5c5xfvxtqqs2in7smi65mjps7wvkmqmtqd onion.

If earlier the supply corridors were stable, and people at the points were confident in themselves, then after the defeat of the brokers, they began to worry and massively merge with the passage of goods.

Large dealers ceased to be resellers and turned into manufacturers or customers for whom the contract for the production of substances was carried out by people in Russia.


Auto shops have automated the purchase process. It was enough to select a ready—made bookmark in a convenient area, click the "pay" button - and that's it, after automatic confirmation of the transaction, you can go pick up the goods. The innovation, equivalent to convenience stores with alcohol, has become a real consumer revolution

Such news creates the appearance of a large—scale struggle, which in fact does not exist: one sea delivery is ten times the volume of automobile and hundreds of times the volume of pedestrian. Due to the absence of the human factor — the drivers — the containers successfully passed control and did not leave a trace in the form of a lot of people who go to jail and turn in accomplices in exchange for mitigation of punishment.